5 Mistakes Made During Performance Appraisals

Performance appraisals involve assessing employees’ contributions to the overall business objectives.   Some employee-related challenges like low output, not having the right skills for a task, or misconduct can be easily spotted by performance appraisals and quickly resolved. Performance appraisals are an excellent remedy to a lot of challenges affecting a business when done correctly. […]

Payroll Best Practices For Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

While we all know the importance of payroll to every business, managing it comes with its challenges that can be unique to the organisation or its industry.   Some payroll challenges faced by small and medium-sized businesses include dealing with manual payroll processing, keeping up with regulatory changes, managing tax compliance, payroll errors and several other issues.  To experience a […]

The Ultimate Beginning-Of-Year Payroll Checklist

Running payroll is a continuous task that all organisations must engage in. In the never-ending cycle of payroll management, HR and payroll managers go through the process of calculating payroll, making necessary remittances, and disbursing salaries.   Every payroll manager knows the possible mistakes that could happen in the process of running payroll. A slight error in a spreadsheet can […]

Top Five Payroll Challenges and how to Overcome Them

Processing payroll is a function that touches the responsibilities of the HR and Finance departments, and depending on the organisation, either department could be placed in charge of it. For payroll specialists, finance, and HR personnel who work in this capacity, here are some of the challenges faced as they do so. Balancing payroll-related responsibilities […]