Why You Should Automate Leave Management At Your Organisation

Imagine resuming on a Monday morning to calls and angry emails from a disgruntled customer. The request they made a week ago hasn’t been responded to, and their designated client service representative is on leave.  You go through your spreadsheets and emails to find the leave management folder and scour through all the paperwork to […]

Pro Tips to Help You Successfully Pitch HR Software to Your Boss

Managing human resources is a big responsibility, the scope of which varies by organisation. HR functions range from intensive, recurring tasks like recruitment, compensation & benefits, performance management, learning, and development, among others.  The tasks domiciled under these HR functions can be a lot to manage manually, especially in large or agile organisations. With HR […]

What Are the Best Practices for Storing HR Data?

The way your organisation’s HR data is stored can affect how competently your HR department works. Properly storing HR data can help the organisation make financial and workforce-related projections for the company. Additionally, analysing reports and trends from data can help the organisation notice and eliminate obstacles to improved performance. Effectively storing HR data can […]

6 Ways to Save Time And Money in Your HR Department

HR activities like hiring, onboarding, performance review, learning management, etc, are essential to business growth, but these activities are often capital intensive and time-consuming. Besides saving up on time and money, streamlining your HR processes can help your HR department work more effectively, improve compliance, eliminate payroll errors, and enhance reporting capabilities. Here are six […]