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No blindspots on your payroll ever again

Streamline your payroll and save time and cost along the way. Manage employee datasets, track payments, and more.


We do the heavy calculations for you.

Say goodbye to manual payroll calculations and hours of reconciliations. Manually computing payroll with spreadsheet exposes your payroll to errors and your company to unnecessary compliance risks. SeamlessPayroll computes all types of payroll calculations with ease: salary, bonuses, prorated payments, raises, deductions, and is intimately connected to your Core HR modules.


Automatically generated payslips.

Payslips with all the breakdown: net pay, tax, deductions, contributions, etc. – delivered to your employees’ email. Choose what payroll items go into the payslip, and when employees get them – before or after payment.


Mirror your payroll approval process with a flexible workflow.

Facilitate a compliance-rich culture with the approval workflows on SeamlessPayroll. Add as many steps as you need to the workflow. And you have less paperwork too.


Spot trends. Stay compliant. Make plans.

Avoid taking a shot in the dark. Make informed decisions with custom Payroll reports including Master Payroll Report, Fund Summary Report, Pension Report, Tax Report, and more.


Pay directly to employee bank accounts.

Still sending Payroll instructions to your bank using spreadsheets and email? Make disbursements directly from SeamlessPayroll and ensure staff get paid on time.


Handle payroll for single or multiple companies with ease.

Managing payroll for multiple companies doesn’t have to be complex. Manage several locations, employee types, departments, and more within multiple companies. Reply.


Log every action taken on your account.

Access a trail of activities taken on your account as far back as your account was created. You can even filter by actor, action type, date, and more. Or just export as a spreadsheet.

Introducing the Payroll Marketplace.

Access to financial opportunties for your employees.

Loans     |    Investments   |   Savings

Loans  |  Investments  |  Savings

Get started today and empower your employees to connect to a marketplace of financial services where they explore mouth-watering value-added services from their Self-Service portal.

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